RUGOSAS NEW YEAR UPDATES                                                                           02/01/16

Happy new year to everyone! Rugosa is up and running. On our facebook page you may have realised we announced our new female vocalist Bebe Barnsley had joined the Rugosa family. Unfortunately we hadn’t updated the website until now. We apologise for this and in 2016 hope to keep up to date with all n
ews on the website. Bio pages are available to read up on all band members on the website followed by an up to date list of upcoming gigs! Furthermore on the website we also have a online shop where anything Rugosa related can be bought too!

Rugosa has a lot of surprises coming. So keep checking out our website or to keep directly up to date add us on facebook!

The band lineup now stands at :

Bebe Barnsley : Female Vocals

Jonathan Burr : Keyboard and Samples

Stuart Moxon : Male Vocals and Bass

Tomas Dyson : Guitars

Jason Fieldhouse : Guitars

Phil Lister : Drums

RUGOSA ANNOUNCEMENTS & NEW DRUMMER!!!                                             09/03/15

Rugosa has a lot of gigs up coming
to start off the spring of 2015! Check out the dates and come down if you can. All upcoming Rugosa Gigs can be seen here!

Rugosa has seen some ups and downs. One been finding a suitable drummer for our band. I am sad to announce that due to creative differences we had to part with our drummer Barry, (who played two gigs with us in 2014!) We do now however have a drummer playing with us called Phil. He's an amazing guy who played in a band called the Dagmar Massive along with our Rhythm Guitarist Jason Fieldhouse. Phil has a bio page coming soon!


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